Finding the Internet in Africa

The amount of content on this blog will depend on the availability of an Internet connection in the areas we will be visiting. We will do our best to post as often as possible, but finding an Internet connection (and computers for that matter) will be a challenge.

Thanks for your patience!

About This Trip

WTI-4G Service Learning in Malawi, Africa
Doug McMahon

A small hand reaches into yours as you walk to collect water for the day. A smile spreads across that child’s face as she watches you carry the water through the cornfield on your way back to the orphanage. A laugh erupts from that smile when she later gets half-way through the English alphabet that you’ve taught her. These are the moments that make up our day at the Little Field Home, an orphanage that houses and cares for approximately 75 Malawian children. During our Winter Term, we will spend most of our time with the orphans, tutoring English and doing after-school enrichment. We will also spend time in neighboring villages doing medical outreach regarding HIV/AIDS and malaria. Our home for the trip will be the orphanage, giving us an intimate understanding of its workings and culture. If you are looking for a Winter Term that inspires the best in you, this is it.